Chapter Leadersip

President -  Donna Osburn      ( DMORNC@gmail.com )

President Elect -

Secretary - Sherry Burrell    (sherry.burrell@comcast.net)

Treasurer - Rose Sheaffer    (rsheaffer175@gmail.com)

Nominating Chair - Patricia Lyons-Cox (plyonscox@hotmail.com)

Educational Programs - Susan Lorah ( sslorah1@gmail.com)  and Lynne Quinn (quinnL@MLHS.org)  and Vicky Squire (vsquire49@gmail.com)

Membership - Marianne Casale   (Marianne.Casale@uphs.upenn.edu)

Legislative Liaison - Betty Tiger (tigers628@hotmail.com)

Archives -

Award Chair, Fund-raising Co-Chair, Liaison for ONS - Pat Frank (patriciafrank1004@verizon.net)  and Anne Marie Gipe (amgipe@comcast.net)

Newsletter:  Joy Hepkins (jhepkins@mercyhealth.org )


The mission of the Oncology Nursing Society is to promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care.

The vision of the Oncology Nursing Society is to lead the transformation of cancer care.